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Roger Pashby's The Huddersfield Town Collection

Details as to when each card was issued and to which series it belonged are alongside every illustration and in some cases you will even learn a little about the history of card-collecting in general - and its very expensive nature!

Since this book was written and published in 2008 further research into the date of issue for many of these cards has come to light, thus rendering inaccurate some of the information, but usually only by a year either way. Unfortunately it is inevitable that ongoing research might have the same effect, but this should not detract from your enjoyment in reading my book.

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Filled with 147 picture cards from this site - in black and white and glorious colour too - this is your chance to enjoy the cards in the comfort of your armchair or in the pub before the match.

Page after page of fantastic Town players from a bygone age jump out to remind you of either a golden era or yet another season of misery!

Thirty-six A5 glossy pages filled with player pictures make this a CHAMPION gift for all Town fans, young and old.

Listen to dad and granddad as they reminisce over players that they remember gracing the Leeds Road pitch and then sigh over which cards they remember owning!

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Each card or sticker is accompanied by interesting text, outlining the history of the player and the card itself. In most cases you will learn where the player came from and where he went to, how many games he played and the number of goals that he scored. I have even provided some information about international and representative appearances!

What they say: comments about my book ...

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"I have enjoyed reading it immensely, and it brought back many memories." (Clive W.)
"I have received your book today and found it very interesting, and a fine addition to my little collection of Town stuff; thanks for putting together a very nice little book, and also for your excellent website. Much appreciated by me and I am sure many other Town fans." (Roy F.)
"A great little book which will grace my shelves." (Don S. 'The CardMan')
"A fascinating read for any football fan, Terrier or not. The subject matter depicts not only the history of this famous old club, but in fact the evolution of football over a century, captured in the author's own collection of cigarette & trade cards which are superbly presented in this publication."
(Andy M.)
"A smashing piece of work which is effectively timeless, in that you can add other items in future for any reprints, etc." (Alan H.)
"Thank you for your excellent book which I've thoroughly enjoyed. I've now also got round to featuring it in my 'Showcase' page on my website."
(Darren H.)

"I've had a quick look through and it looks really interesting.  Thank goodness I now have something to give hubby for Christmas; he is so difficult to buy for."
(Finola S.)
"A must-have for the Huddersfield Town memorabilia collector. Enjoy wallowing in the nostalgia of Town's halcyon years with this great book!" (Steve E.)
"They say a picture can replace a thousand words.  Well, consider how many thousands of words have been saved in the one-hundred years Huddersfield Town illustrated history in Roger Pashby's truly remarkable book 'Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers'. I have been an avid Town memorabilia collector for more than 40 years and I am amazed by some of the rare card items Roger has unearthed. His book and his website are truly astonishing, and must be the envy of every true football fan."
(John W. co-author, '99 Years & Counting')
"A lovely book, well produced, well researched and full of fine photos. I would recommend this to all Huddersfield Town followers, football card fans & anyone interested in football history. Excellent stuff." (Martin L.)
"It is a great book and will join my other signed first edition in the book case. Many thanks."
(Les C.)
"I have received the book and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I may be biased, as an avid collector of cigarette and trade cards, but I think that it is a fine publication and an excellent contribution to the history of Professional Football." (Derek W. J.)
"Congratulations on your book; a fine addition to my collection."
(David B.)

"Having seen the set-up, layout and content of the website, the book was as good, if not better, than I was expecting. I think you've got the balance just right, with the length, mix of text and pictures, use and amount of colour, and overall quality."
(Mike M.)
"Excellent book, Roger; have you anything else in the pipe line?" (Gordon B.)

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