'Famous Footballers (green back)'

Set of 100

These are very common cigarette cards and will not cost you more than two or three pounds each in very good condition. Once again, the choice of the shade of 'blue' for the stripes is very odd!


'Sports Budget: Who's Who of Famous Footballers' booklets
I include these items although they are not  really cards, but are pages from booklets. The first two are fairly obvious as to why; in the third example Town are represented by Tom Wilson (in the stripes, top right) and Charlie Wilson (stripes, bottom right). These booklets listed all the major footballers of the day and are very rare indeed.


'Adventure Album: The Cup Fighters of 1925 (Part 1)'

Here is a small 'plate' culled from a booklet. This is the first of three similar booklets numbered Parts 1 to 3 but each with a different title. The second one also featured a Town player and can be seen below. This booklet was published on 12th January, and mine is complete.This same photograph can also be seen in the 'Team Photos' section for 1923-24.

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'Famous Footballers (3rd Series)'

Set of 50

Card 37 is a very common (and cheap) cigarette card featuring Billy Smith.


'Football Teams 1925-26'

(Trade Ref: BOY-490)

Set of 18

Often incorrectly referred to as '4th Series, 1924-25', this was actually issued 21st November in issue #196, the first in the series. Well, we were League Champions at the time! These paper items do crop up every now and again but you can expect to pay over £10 for them when they do.

​​​​​​​​​​Cards & Stickers: 1920-1929: 1925

Roger Pashby's The Huddersfield Town Collection


'Football Annual 1925-26'
Another 'plate' cut from a supplement about which you will find more HERE.

Part Two, published October 3rd


'Sportsmen (pairs)'

(Trade Ref: ZJ5-48)
Set of 10 (5 pairs, but only 3 footballers)
I have no idea as to who published this rare 'pairs' card or with what publication. It is shown as originally issued c1925/26. I also have a 'single' version of this card. Hard to find and can be expensive.

Champions again in May 1925, the second successive year, and now Town were really making the nation's football fans sit up and take notice. Lots more cigarette and trade cards were available to collectors.

Part Three, published October 10th

Given away free on 3rd October

Part One, published September 26th


'Adventure Album: Star Footballers of 1925 (Part 2)'
Here is the second plate from the series of 1925 DC Thompson

football free gifts. The featured Town player is J.J. Williams

although, strangely enough, future Town player, Bill Devlin,

then of Cowdenbeath also appears. The item is backed with

a picture of J. McIntyre of Blackburn Rovers) and was published

on 19th January, 1925.