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'Coloured Photos of Star Footballers (ADVENTURE)'

(Trade Ref: THO-6 / THO-115)
Set of 12 (6 pairs)
This very rare complete 'pairs' card was given free on 15th November, in issue #166. Note that it is an 'error' card, the reverse showing George Brown's first initial as 'J'; strangely enough, the 'cut' card that I have just says 'Brown' with no evidence of the 'J' having been physically removed. This card can be quite expensive - when you find one!


'Real Colour Photos (Footballers)'

(Trade Ref: CHU-3 / CHU-050)

Set of 10

Large cards measuring 2.75" x 3.75" of some of the great players of the early 1920s. Clem Stephenson appears on card 4. Hard to find but relatively inexpensive.


'Footballers (VANGUARD)'

(Trade Ref: THO-15/THO-315)
Set of 8
One of a series of large trade cards, this one of full-back George .E. Shaw was published on 27th September in issue #51. The gold edging is a nice addition but they do tend to turn up well 'knocked'. Not easy to find and can be quite expensive. As an aside, Murray's catalogues usually have this series as 1933 which is certainly wrong.


'Footballers' (unnumbered)

(Trade Ref: ??)
Set of 27 footballers known
If you have seen the V.C.C. cards from 1923, then you

will notice a distinct similarity between them and this

set of cards; in fact, they are almost exactly the same.

The only differences are that these are not numbered

and they are blank-backed. The images are exactly the

same but in addition there are a few 'extra' cards in

this set which do not feature in that one and, what is

more, those 'extras' don't feature in the then current

PINNACE set either which is a key indicator - for me at least - in dating this set; those 'extra' players moved to their representative clubs in 1923. The 'clincher' is Ernie Simms who appeared in the V.C.C. set as a South Shields player (which he was between 1921 and 1923), but is only available in this 'anonymous' issue as a Stockport player - he joined them in 1924, thus dating this issue to that year.

   As far as I am aware, there are only two Town cards to be had here - three if we are being picky - and I have them both. You will note that the WIlson card has two varieties, one with everything in order, the other with the mis-spelling that was also apparent on the previous V.C.C. card.

   These cards are very rare and will command high prices of £50 and upwards, possibly even more so if it is an 'error' or a hard to find correct version. You can read what Alan Jenkins has to say about these cards by clicking HERE.

Roger Pashby's The Huddersfield Town Collection



'Islanders Fags Special Clubs'
Set of 50
Catalogues sometimes list these as being issued in 1928 but it's more likely to be 1924, given that most of the football teams covered on the cards are dated 1924. The Town team shown at right is clearly dated 1923-24.

​This is a lovely example of a coloured card and can be quite hard to find although it is very inexpensive; you can expect to pay around £4 to £5 when you do find one.


'Famous Footballers (2nd Series)'

​Set of 50

Two Town players appear in this set, record goal-scorer George 'Bomber' Brown and Town and England goalkeeper Ted Taylor. Both are very common and cost a couple of quid to buy in very good condition.

In April 1924 Town had been crowned First Division Champions for the first time and as a result, they  began to feature very heavily on all kinds of cards and free gifts in comics and magazines.

Anyway, this card is probably unique because I don't think that you will ever see another Tom Wilson one stamped in this way. In terms of value, it was hugely expensive at £75.00 but that obviously reflects the unique nature of the card.

​​​​​​​​​​Cards & Stickers: 1920-1929: 1924


'Footballers - Series A'

(Trade Ref: COM-430-1a / COV-1-1)
Set of 22
This, card A10, is the first in a number of cards in several Compton series that we will encounter over the next few years. The teams in this series correspond to the 22 teams in the First Division in season 1924-25. It is relatively rare and can fetch a high price in good condition, the problem being that many of the cards suffered from stains caused by the gravy salts that they were packed with. Catalogue vale is £30.00


'Adventure Album: The 50 Star Footballers of 1924: Part 2'

​(Trade Ref: unknown)
And here's another very similar example of exactly the same sort of thing. This 'plate' comes from a booklet given free in issue #126, on 9th February. This time striker Charlie Wilson is the featured Town player.


'Adventure Album: The 50 Star Players of 1924: Part 1'

(Trade Ref: THO-61)
This is not a card or even really a trade item, but simply a page from a booklet given free in issue #124, on 26th January. Most dealers buy this book complete and then sell the individual players or - if you're lucky as I was here - complete pages. The other awkward thing is that the biographies were not on the back of the players; they were printed on the back of the facing page instead so that you could read about the players as you looked at the picture rather than having to turn over. This made it difficult when selling individual sheets - most dealers will provide a photocopy of the player details upon request.

These do not come around very often so grab them when you see them!


And then there are these cards which, to all intents and purposes, are the same as the 'Anonymous' issue above except that the verso is rubber-stamped by POPPLETONS. I'm certain that this card belongs to the same set as above but that Poppletons redeemed both these and the V.C.C. issue for some sort of prize or reward because Alan Jenkins has shown an example of H.A. White of Arsenal on a V.C.C. card which has been rubber-stamped by Poppletons in the same way.

JOHN FILSHILL & CO. 'Footballers (Lotus Toffees)'

(Trade Ref: FIS-2 / FIL-220)

Set of 25

​This card is very hard to find and will certainly cost you more than £10 when you do. It features a really nice, ornate border which is quite unusual amongst football cards.